Here you will find information for all residents at Thorndon Hall. This will include ground rules for residents as well as any notifications from the residents' committee. It will include information on the parking, future works to the estate and house, proposals and  upcoming meetings.



Garages - Residents are reminded that within the terms of their lease there is a clause that stipulates that if you rent out your apartment or cottage you must include the garage as part of the rental.

Contractors Compliance & Fire Regulations


The Lessees’ responsibilities:
To inform Thorndon Hall Management Company Limited (THMCL), and/or
HERA Management Services, the managing agents, before any internal refurbishment/ building works commences that is likely to cause any disruption or inconvenience to other residents.

To submit plans and programme of works to THMCL/
HERA Management Services, if required to do so.

To be aware that should any structural alterations need listed building consent, building regulations approval or formal licences, all costs to obtain these will be borne by the lessee. No work shall be started until approvals have been granted and THMCL/
HERA Management Services has confirmed such in writing.

To ensure the external fabric of the building (Main Hall, East and West Pavilions, Cottages and Garages) is not penetrated or altered, or fixed upon in any way without prior approval in writing from THMCL/
HERA Management Services.

To ensure no preparation work is carried out in any common areas, walkway, paved areas etc. and that all works are carried out within the confines of each apartment or cottage.

To ensure that only competent and fully qualified contractors who have a minimum of £2 million Public & Contractors All Risk Liability Insurance are engaged (i.e. plumbers to be registered with the Institute of Plumbers, electricians registered with the NICEIC and central heating and gas engineers are registered with Gas Safe). Proof of registration must be submitted to THMCL/
Hera Property Management before commencement of any works.

To be aware that non-compliance by contractors with these rules and regulations may result in works being stopped by THMCL/
HERA Management Services until such time THMCL/HERA Management Services are satisfied that any non-compliance has been dealt with satisfactorily.

To be aware of any damage caused by contractors, their employees or sub- contractors to common areas, walkways, paved areas etc. will be the liability of the lessee concerned. To report any damage to THMCL/
HERA Management Services immediately.

To provide a copy of these regulations together with a copy of the Thorndon Hall Fire Orders to all contractors before they commence work. It is recommended that contractors receive this information at the time they are asked to provide quotations for the work.

The Contractors’ responsibilities:

To produce all paperwork under CDM* regulations if required

To conform to all Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requirements.

To follow any instructions from a Director of Thorndon Hall Management Company Limited or the resident Estates Co-ordinator whose job is to ensure all contactors abide by these regulations and that all works are carried out with the minimum amount of disruption to residents.

To produce, where necessary, safe working methods, risk assessments and COSHH** information.

To have in place a minimum of £2 million Public Liability and Contractors All Risk Insurance.

To conform to THMCL parking regulations, all contractors’ vehicles must be parked in the main car park except when loading or unloading. Contractors’ vehicles must not be parked on the estate overnight.

To conform to rubbish/waste disposal requirements. The rubbish chutes must not be used by contractors and all waste materials must be removed from the Estate as quickly as possible.

To protect all common areas, walkways, paved areas etc. where necessary and not to allow any dust to settle in these areas.

To adhere to the regulation that the use of lifts for transport of materials or rubbish disposal is prohibited.

To conform to procedures for removal of rubbish outside the building to designated skips, as instructed by a THMCL Director or the Estates Co-ordinator.

To check skips at the end of each day to ensure they are not overloaded and are left in a safe and tidy condition.

To ensure skips are removed from the designated area as soon as possible.

To protect the tarmac surfaces by ensuring skips are placed upon plywood sheeting.

To conform to delivery of materials. All materials and equipment for work in the Main Hall must be taken in and out through the South Entrance of the building. The East and West foyers and corridors must not be used. Materials and equipment must not be left in common areas/walkways and paved areas etc. or any of the buildings’ other accesses. These areas must not be obstructed at any time.

To conform to noise levels and hours of work. No work to commence before 8am, noisy works (i.e. drilling or dismantling before 9am). All works to finish 5pm Monday to Friday. Saturday works to commence 9am and finish 5pm. No Sunday working unless by prior arrangement from THMCL/
HERA Management Services.

To be conversant with the Thorndon Hall fire orders and to abide by them at all times.

To be aware that any obstructive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in works being stopped.

HERA Management Services requirements:

To be informed of all works.

HERA Management Services to confirm in writing that any structural alterations, listed building consent and formal licences are approved. No costs to obtain the above will be met by THMCL/HERA Management Services.

To be issued with programme of works, safe working practices, risk assessments and HSE requirements.

HERA Management Services has the right to stop any works should there be any non-compliance with these regulations or with the Fire Orders. This includes obstructive and aggressive behaviour by contractors, their employees or their sub-contractors.

To be issued with CDM* and COSHH** paperwork when required.

To be entitled to inspect all works at any time in accordance with the terms of the lease and to ensure that the work conforms with any approval granted for alterations to the external or internal fabric of the building.

*The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994

**Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002



These orders apply to all lessees, residents, employees, contractors & visitors in any of the buildings or in the grounds of the Thorndon Hall estate. It is the responsibility of the person inviting others to the site to ensure that they are familiar with and adhere to these fire orders.



MAIN HALL: Via the South Doorway under the balcony or through the East or West Foyers.

PAVILIONS: Via the Front Door or the side door at the base of the stairwell.

Other Areas: Via the Main Doors as appropriate.


Upon noticing a fire, Dial 999 and ask for the fire service.

Thorndon Hall
CM13 3RJ

Leave the building

Do NOT use the lifts.

Ensure all your visitors evacuate with you.

Assist others who may need help to leave the buildings or advise the Fire Service.

If you are unable to evacuate remain in the apartment and await rescue (Front doors are fire rated)

DO NOT re-enter the building until advised to do so by the Fire Service.


DO NOT store or bring in to the buildings any combustibles items such as gas bottles, petrol or fireworks.

In accordance with the terms of Thorndon Hall leases, nothing must be left in the common areas within the Main Hall and the Pavilions. These areas form part of the fire defence arrangements. 

DO NOT obstruct fire doors, walkways or stairwells at any time.

DO NOT leave or wedge fire doors open unless they are attended and shut promptly after use.

NB. The double doors outside the lifts in the Main Hall are fire doors.

DO NOT leave vehicles in the designated emergency access areas in front of the entrances to the buildings and the central fire lane in the main car park.

DO NOT leave vehicles in the roadways where they could obstruct emergency vehicles.


Each household should possess at least one domestic fire alarm which should not have passed its use-by date and should be tested every month.

These Fire Orders will be added to the Fifth Schedule of the leases of all flats and cottages at Thorndon Hall.

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