Here you will find information for all residents at Thorndon Hall. This will include ground rules for residents as well as any notifications from the residents' committee. It will include information on the parking, future works to the estate and house, proposals and  upcoming meetings.




Window Cleaning Schedule

Please remember to check the notice boards within the respective blocks on a regular basis for the dates of your routine window cleaning.

All dates are subject to weather conditions and may be moved accordingly.

Neighbourly Conduct

Living at Thorndon Hall is a great priviledge for us all and a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes by Alan, Jay and Pauline (and the directors) to keep the estate looking tip top and to keep everything working smoothly for the benefit of us all.

In order to keep this momentum we do ask that residents adhere to the few key rules set out in our leases that make sure the quality of living here is maintained and improved upon. We understand that there might be exceptions and we try to be as flexible as possible, but we do have to make sure that the running of the estate is done keeping the interests of the majority in mind. So the following list is a gentle reminder of what we would like residents to respect.

Commercial Vehicles
& Garages

As per the terms of our leases in order to preserve and maintain the residential environment of the estate any commercial vehicles owned by residents are not allowed to be parked in the residents parking areas or in the garage / car wash areas. If you have a commercial vehicle (van or taxi) it must be parked in your garage or outside of the estate grounds. The only times commercial vehicles are allowed on site is during day time when carrying out works to properties. Also remember that if you rent out an apartment or cottage you must include the garage in the letting.


We ask that every resident and visitor to Thorndon Hall parks with consideration for the other residents. Every property on the estate comes with at least one garage to park a car, the main car park to the south of the house and the east cottage car park are the only other places allowed for parking. We understand that sometimes parking spaces can be limited due to visitors and residents not parking considerately or an increase in car numbers so we allow temporary overflow parking in the garage areas, as long as cars are moved to the main car park when spaces allow as early as possible the next day. Parking in the overflow areas or inconsiderately in the main car park (taking up excessive space or parking at angles across bays) will result in residents/visitors getting warning notices and warning stickers applied to their car. These will not be easy to remove. You have been warned!

Bin Rooms

Recently items of household rubbish such as mattresses, vaccum cleaners and televisions have been placed in the bin rooms. As I am sure you can understand these items fall foul of the council's definition of general household waste. Any items that are not bagged as standard household bin waste must be taken to the public rubbish dump or collected by the council at the request of the resident. The council will not collect this waste and it has to be disposed of by ourselves. You can always ask Ricky (Estate Manager) for advice if you need to clear some furniture etc. and he will be happy to point you in the right direction.

No Smoking in Common Areas

For safety reasons and also to maintain a pleasant living environment for all residents smoking is prohibited in the common parts of the buildings in the estate. Of course residents are allowed to smoke in their own properties but are reminded to be considerate of their neighbours by not smoking next to other residents windows and doorways. We also ask smokers not to mark or litter the estate with their dog ends.

Dog/Cat Bins & Leashes

We are happy to welcome pets to Thorndon Hall, and many of us reside with our trusty old friend whether it be a dog, cat or goldfish etc., but we we do have certain rules that must be followed by residents if they wish to have one. It is written in everyone's lease that within the estate grounds all dogs must be kept on a leash. We acknowledge that these pets do need to go to the toilet and so we have installed two pet waste bins in the grounds for dog and cat owners to use.

Please note that if a resident is found to be allowing their dog or cat to foul the grounds without clearing up after it then the estate reserves the right as per the leases to withdraw permission for that resident to have a pet. We also ask you to be considerate to your neighbours and try not to let your pet toilet close to the apartments and entrances. You have been warned!

General Information Request

History of Thorndon Hall - If any one has any information on the estate prior to it being converted into apartments we would welcome photos or information for the compilation of our history section of the house and estate.

Email Collection - We are moving the estate into the 21st century and looking to email residents with updates on works or any notices to do with the estate such as window cleaning, painting etc. Can you please make sure that you notify us or Hera of you email so we can keep you updated.

Ideas for the future - As with many homes Thorndon Hall and its estate evolves with the needs and demands of the residents. That is why if you have any ideas you would like to propose then we would like to hear from you. Ideas currently put forward include creating a communal BBQ area in the woods, a multi use/tennis play court next to the western garage block, or ommunal meeting room, gym and sauna installation in the basement. Obviously we are limited by funds and regulations so if any resident is interested in making a contributional legacy to the estate we will be more than happy to discuss it.